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Curriculum Development

​​Do you need to develop and an ethics course or program for your school or organization. Our program developers are experienced in writing training curriculum for private and public schools, healthcare associations and regulatory bodies.

Whether you need a special training course or an entire curriculum, we can help by designing a curriculum that is tailored to your needs, goals and objectives. We can even assist in the development of competencies and performance goals.

Competencies & Standards

If you are a healthcare organization or school interested in developing ethical competencies and standards for your registrants, members or students, our experts can help. 


We will design and assist you with the implementation of ethical competencies and standards and can even help design ethics testing tools for provincial or certification examinations.

Courses & Workshops​​

Our highly credentialed and experienced instructors offer courses/workshops on topics directly related to ethics and professionalism in healthcare practice. 


Some of these include: introduction to ethics and professionalism for healthcare professionals, the professional role and commitment, competence and accountability, patient relations and professional boundaries, informed consent, privacy and confidentality, ethical principles and ethical practice, and ethical decision-making.

Codes of Ethics​

All healthcare organizations need to have a Code of Ethics document which clearly outlines the values, principles and standards that the profession is committed to. We can help you create and develop a state-of-the-art, clear, strong and effective Code of Ethics which includes a model for ethical decision-making that will serve the needs of your organization and the public your profession serves.


We can also assist you in developing an on-site and online education program to help with the implementation of your Code of Ethics. 



Patient Relations​

Providing education to practitioners in the area of patient relations is critical and in many cases mandatory for healthcare professions.


Ethics Inc can assist you in creating a quality patient relations education program. We can also be of assistance to you in the development of your patient relations policies and protocols.



Specialty Workshops

Ethics Inc provides specialty workshops for educators, school administators, regulators, associations and others.


Workshops include:

  • Training for educators in the delivery of ethics curriculum.

  • Remediation workshops for registrants/members in the case of disciplinary actions.

  • Ethics and professionalism training programs for governing boards of regulatory bodies.

  • Understanding accreditation requirements for private post-secondary education institutions.

Consulting & Coaching

From time-to-time we all need some kind of support in ethical decision-making. This support can take the form of consulting with one of our experts who has experience in the field of ethics and access to information and resources that you may not have. Or, you may benefit from the services of an ethical coach who can help raise your level of ethical awareness and assist you in developing decision-making skills. 


Our ethics consultant or coach can be brought in to mediate on a specific ethical issue or dilemma, or act as your ongoing ethics resource — whatever your need, we have the resource for you.



Keynote Speaker

Do you need an engaging and inspiring speaker on the topic of ethics and professionalism for an upcoming event with your organization (ie. AGM, conference or convention?)


Our experienced and highly acclaimed speakers can deliver a dynamic and motivational presentation that is sure to be a highlight of your event.


...and much more!
Ethics Inc also provides:
  • Accreditation services and resources for educational institutes

  • Online ethics education programs (see Learning Centre)

How else can we help?

Should you require something different or wish to customize any of our existing services, please contact us today for a free consultation.


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