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Over the years Ethics Inc has worked directly with a wide variety of clients to develop educational and professional development resources designed to enhance awareness and understanding of the delivery of safe, effective and ethical healthcare whether among students, faculty or practitioners.

Dr. Paiva and her team pride themselves in working closely with their clients to tailor the content, whether course curriculum for students or professional development courses or workshops for faculty or practitioners. All learning resources, whether delivered in-person or on-line, are designed to ensure specific learning objectives are first identified and then met.

Regardless of the audience or the method of delivery the most important component of any Ethic Inc learning resource is the inclusion of participant exercises and practice or work based case studies. These components are designed to ensure that participants, not only learn the material presented, but more importantly are able to apply the learning to everyday practice.

Although Ethics Inc is excited to develop learning resources on any topic below is a sample of previous material covered:

Topics Specific to Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Practitioners

(curriculum for healthcare students and/or professional development for healthcare practitioners)

  • Understanding the Professional Role and Commitment

  • Understanding and Applying the Core Ethical Principles of Healthcare

  • Professional Boundaries and the Therapeutic Relationship

  • The Delivery of Respect-Focused Care

  • Conflict of Interest / Privacy and Confidentiality / Duty to Report

  • Model for Ethical Decision Making

  • Understanding and Application of Healthcare Regulations in Canada


Broader Topics for Educational Institutions or other Workplace Environments

(course or workshop for faculty, staff and/or administrators)

  • Workplace: Bullying and Harassment

    • including, if required, Policy Development and Reporting Forms

  • Violence and Sexual Harassment – Zero Tolerance

    • including, if required, Policy Development and Reporting Forms

  • Creating and Nurturing an Inclusive Learning/Working Community

    • content to include some or all of the following topics

      • Racism

      • Cultural Diversity

      • Ageism

      • Disability

      • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression

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