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Traditional education in ethics for healthcare professionals is often focused on ethical theory and reasoning. This may work well for philosophers and academics but is often far too removed from practice to be easily applied by healthcare practitioners in their day-to-day practice. The Ethics Inc Online Professional Ethics Certificate Program fills a void for practical education in professional ethics for healthcare professionals. Watch the video below for a preview:



















The learning series is divided into four distinct modules, which can be taken as a complete series or independently based on the individual’s learning objectives. Participants who complete the full series will receive a Certificate in Professional Ethics and Professionalism from Ethics Inc.


Each module costs $30 and will take approximately one hour to complete. You must have Adobe Reader & Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to view the presentation.


Topics include:


Getting Your Certificate

Ethics Inc will send you a certificate of completion once you have successfully completed all four of the learning modules. Complete the request form to recieve your certificate.

"It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do,
for which we are held accountable."     
- Moliere