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Module Two: Competence & Accountability


The second step toward earning your Certificate in Professional Ethics and Professionalism from Ethics Inc is to complete Module Two: Competence & Accountability. 


The Competence & Accountability module looks at topics like:

  • What constitutes professional competence?

  • What is the role and purpose of a profession’s Scope of Practice and Standards of Practice?

  • What is the role and purpose of a profession’s Code of Ethics?

  • What are typical features and standards of behaviour found in Code of Ethics documents for healthcare professionals?


The cost of this module is $30 and it will take approximately one-hour to complete.


Download Module Two: Competence & Accountability here.


You will be prompted to enter your financial information and then provided with a PDF file for download. You must have Adobe Reader & Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to view the presentation.


Copyright © The learning module is intended for independent study and should not be shared. All content is the property of Ethics Inc. Reproduction or transmission in any form or by any means without the written consent of Ethics Inc is an infrigement of the copyright law.



Competence & Accountability

"Trust is like an eraser. It gets smaller and smaller

after every mistake."     - Unknown

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